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Releases Resumed

Exedore May 27,2005: We're all back at home and back at work. God Mars #57 is up now, and we're rapidly approaching the end of the series. We may have an OVA or two for everybody afterwards, but we may also take a couple of weeks off to keep our heads clear between con prep and our new series startups.

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No Update This Week


Exedore May 16,2005: Since everybody related to distro will be away this week, there will be no release of God Mars on the 20th/21st. Releases will resume on the 27th/28th.

Work has finished on the series, and we are currently waiting on translations for our new TV projects, 'The Brave Fighter of Legend: Da-Garn' and 'Round Vernian Vifam'.

Also, most of our staff will be attending Anime Mid-Atlantic from 17-19 June in Richmond, VA. We'll be running panels and throwing a party, so make sure to find us and say hi!


Katsucon, Status Update, Future Plans...

Exedore Febuary 12,2005: Hey there everybody, it's been a while since the last update, but we've been trying to get our hands on someone who can code a newsbox script (and playing the waiting game). So, here goes:

Katsucon is next weekend, 18-20 February. Most of the God Mars staff will be present (Exedore, Gandalf, RubyCosmos, Suds), so feel free to say hi if you can find us. Don't forget to see Ruby speaking on the webcomics panels, either.

Work on God Mars continues at a solid pace. Episodes 44-53 are in various states of completion, and episodes 54-64 (the last episode) will be handed over to the editor at Katsucon. With that, I'd like to ask everyone to welcome Mark064 to the God Mars staff as a Quality Checker.

We also plan on finishing Combustible Campus Guardress by the end of February. Episode #3 will be released on Monday, 14 Feb, and Episode
#4 (final) will be released sometime between the 21st and 28th.

As you can see above, most of our ongoing projects are approaching completion. As for the future, we're already doing planning and early production work on some of our next projects. The plan is as such:

New OVA - Twilight Q (From the R2 DVD and Lupin Gang's scripts) New TV Series - Legendary Brave Da Garn (From the R2 DVD) New TV Series - Round Vernian Vifam (From the LDs)

As you may have noticed, Tobikage and Great Mazinger are not on the above list. I hate to say it, but it seems unlikely that any more episodes of either series will be coming out in the forseeable future.
However, we'd rather not say that they'll never happen.


God Mars #35, Boxing Day, etc.

Exedore December 17,2004 : Hey all, sorry about being late wtih this week's episode of God Mars.
Hopefully it shouldn't happen again, at least not for a good while.

There is an upside to this delay, though. We're putting out a special Boxing Day (Dec 26 for non-celebrants) bonus release with our friends at Central Anime, and last night was when we sent them the final to proof. Eagle Eyed forum readers should be able to spot what this is, but otherwise it's a secret!

Finally, please go over to the forum and vote on the Katsucon gathering. The con is coming up, and we want to meet with as many of you as we can. We've got some special things in the works for that too, so state your preference or risk missing out!




God Mars 32, Panda, Kyoji, Katsucon


Exedore November 26,2004 : Hey all!  Thanksgiving's over in the US, but there's still reason to
celebrate, as we've now reached the halfway point on God Mars.  Only
eight months worth of releases to go...maybe a few less if things go
well.  Another cause for celebration is that we've finished our co-pro
of Panda Z with Anime-in-Action.  Congrats to everybody who worked on
it, and a big thanks to all the downloaders.

In other news, Kyoji continues to be mostly MIA.  While he continues
to be away from IRC (and therefore his projects), his university
grades are improving.  Hopefully he'll be around for a bit next month
with Christmas vacation on the horizon, and if we're all lucky,
there'll be another episode or two of Great Mazinger finished.

Repacks for God Mars #25-28 and Enemy's the Pirates are coming soon,
mostly when I have some free bandwidth to seed them.

Lastly, a large number of A-C staff are going to be present at
Katsucon 11 in Crystal City, Virginia, USA (18-20 February, 2005), and
we'd like to host some sort of a meetup for everybody.  Pop on over to
the forums to let us know if you're coming, and to vote for what kind
of gathering it should be!


God Mars Returns, Great Mazinger Update, AnimeUSA, Things to come.

Exedore October 23,2004 : For those who've been keeping an eye on animesuki.com and the other BT sites, we've started releasing the second arc of God Mars. The plan is to continue with weekly releases for the rest of the series with no more breaks, meaning that we should finish it sometime in 2005. I'd also like everybody to extend a huge thank-you to RubyCosmos, our new God Mars TV editor.

I'd like to apologise now to all the fans of Tobikage and Great Mazinger. I know that you're all looking forward to more of these shows, but Kyoji's computer blew up a couple weeks ago, and we've only seen him online once since. Until he returns regularly, there's no way to predict when more Mazinger or Tobi will be coming out.

Next, the Anime USA convention will be held next weekend (29-31 Oct) in Tyson's Corner, VA. We're putting on three panels and premiering two fansubs (Space Musketeer Bismarck and Combustible Campus Guardress) in the video rooms, so make sure to come by, say hi, and check it out. Because exedore (who seeds everything) will be running around like a chicken with his head cut off the night before the con trying to finish all of his materials prep, we'll be releasing God Mars #28 a day early.

Finally, we're hoping to get two more OVA's out by the end of the year. One will be Guardress, which just needs a little more cleanup after the con, and the other...well...you'll see.

Thank you all for continuing to support us during this turbulant period, and we hope that you continue to enjoy all the great oldschool goodness coming out.




First of all:

Baris October 23,2004 : <Whining>First of all my apologies about the lack of updates these last couple of weeks. School + a heavy work schedule + something called a social life are draining most of my time these days</whining>

Anyway im just updating to say im going to do my best to provide regular updates for the site again and i might even inprove it a bit in the near future if i find the time. Also all torrents missing have been posting with today's date (figuring out all the release dates would take to long).

PS: Check out my new comic ^_^ RIGHT HERE Im finishing the last parts right now.

This concludes my whining :P



God Mars OVA Released, Help Wanted Update...

Exedore August 27,2004 : Hey everyone, our God Mars TV hiatus has begun, but we wanted to
get this out for everybody as it's timely with the TV release.  This
OVA features entirely new animation and artwork (including a
significantly less-ugly design for Gaia) and an alternative, non-canon
retelling of the story of Marg.  We hope that you enjoy this special
as much as we did.

And remember, next week we begin the six part OVA "The Enemy's the
Pirates!", or "Teki wa Kaizoku" in the original Japanese.  There's a
preview up for download via the torrent page, so go ahead and check it

Lastly, we need more staff members.  If you can translate, edit, or
distribute, we could use your help.  Check out the "Help Wanted"
thread on the forums for details.



God Mars #25 + Repack + Hiatus

Exedore August 21,2004 : Well everyone, it's been almost six months since we started releasing subs, and we've come to the end of the first God Mars story arc.

We hope that you've enjoyed it so far, and hope that you come back in October when God Mars TV continues.

In the meantime, we will be releasing the Marg-focused OVA "The Untold Legend of 17" next week, followed by the SF Comedy Romp "The Enemy's the Pirates!".

Also, for everyone who gets their God Mars through the repacks, 17-20 have been packed up for you, and 21-25 will be posted for repack when we start up again in October. For people burning onto DVD-R, our encodes of the entire first arc will fit on a single disc.

Thank you for your continued support, and here's to more great anime releases in the future!



Tobikage 2 and stuff...

Kyoji August 7,2004 : Weeee, i know it's been a while but Tobikage 2 is finally here :D enjoy it, since the Tobikage translator seems to have vanished, any help is appreciated... I have another secret project that MAY OR MAY NOT be put out while tobikage gets sorted.


God Mars 21-22 + Otakon

Exedore July 29,2004 : Hey everyone, sorry about last week's delays again. Here's God Mars 21 and 22, putting us back on schedule.

But, looking at our release schedule, we normally release on Fridays. Why on Wednesday this time? Simple. God Mars Project Head Exedore will be out of town, attending Otakon 2004 in Baltimore, MD.

Make sure to stop by his panel ("I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen This!", Sat. @ 11PM in Panel Room 1) and say hi!

Also, Tobikage 2 should be out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!


God Mars #21 Delayed

Exedore July 24,2004 : Apologies go out to everyone looking forward to this week's God Mars release, as well as those trying to catch up on their downloads. Our BT host and tracker has been offline for the better part of a week, and we do not have a backup.

We are working on setting up a secondary source for BT, but this may take another few days. As such, God Mars #21 will be released NEXT WEDNESDAY along with God Mars #22. The reason for the off-kilter release is that I will be at Otakon all weekend and unable to coordinate the release from the con.

In other news, God Mars TV will be going on a seven week hiatus after the release of Episode #25. During this time, we will be releasing the Marg-themed God Mars OVA "The Untold Legend at 17", which is an alternative telling of the story of Marg with all new animation and a radically different storyline. We will also be releasing the six part OVA "The Enemy's the Pirates!", which is a comedic SF/police piece.

We hope that you will enjoy these special releases, and return in late September for the continuation of God Mars TV.


Panda - Z 4 !!

The__B July 4,2004 : Not really my job to do so but hey im a jack of all trades :P , without more of my ranting i would like to announce that Panda - Z 4 has finally been released :) Well what are u waiting for? Stop reading this and start leeching !!

We are sorry about the huge delay in Panda - Z, we will try to get back on track as fast as we can, but this proves how understaffed we are, and i will use this chance to whine again about the fact that i need distro ppl :) think about it people u get the releases before anyone else :)



Forum Problems

The__B July 3,2004 : Multiple people have emailed me concerning the fact that they don’t receive a signup email from the forum, or that they don’t receive the "new response" notifications.

I am aware of the problem, unfortunately this is due to the site's host new "protection" it seems to be blocking and returning outgoing email to my account. We have been trying to resolve the error since Monday, with no luck as of yet. I will post another update when i learn more or when we have come to a solution.



Mazinger Z - Dropped

The__B June 28,2004 : I am sorry to have to report that we will discontinue subbing Mazinger Z.

For more information, please check the forums, and this topic.



Release: God Mars #17

Exedore June 25,2004 : Hey all, sorry for the delays, here's God Mars #17 for you. Also, for those who may have missed it, we now have a repack for God Mars #9-12.


A update from Japan

The__B June 10,2004 : A update from Japan ^^, wich is going slow as hell true remote desktop, anyway enough about my non interesting social life, since im on vacation it's really hard to find time to update the site.

Just updating the site to tell i added Godmars 14 and that in about 15-16 days when i get back home i will take over the Panda-Z project, i know a lot of people have been waiting for it and im sorry for the delay but remeber that we also have school,work and even a social life, i'll try to catch up ASAP



Tobikage episode 01 is released!!!

Kyoji May 22,2004 : Hey, after lots of procrastinating Tobikage 01 is finally out, I hope people enjoy it. But don't expect a release schedule as consistent as that of God Mars ;) . Expect it on Bittorent soon


God Mars 9 + Repack 1 Released

Exedore April 30,2004 : Hey all, we somehow managed to pull together and get God Mars 9 out on time. 10 and 11 are looking good for on-time releases as well, so a crisis has been averted for now. Also, for those who've had trouble getting God Mars 1-4, we've decided to make a newly seeded repack available. If you've already got the episodes partly downloaded, just copy them into the folder created by the torrent, overwrite the blank files there, and resume. BT will pick up from there.


Delays Ahead

Exedore April 17,2004 : We here at #Anime-Classic are thrilled with the reaction that we've been getting from God Mars, and we look forward to bringing it out for you every week.

However, real life has this nasty habit of intervening, and we may be going for a week or two in the near future without a new God Mars release (Panda Z is being handled separately). We have every intention of subtitling this series in full, and scripts are in varying states of completion through episode 14. Unfortunately, midterms have managed to come down hard on both of our timers, and to top it all off, my personal upstream has been capped at ~1-2k/sec/connection, making it quite difficult to get materials for timing out, let alone full sized QC files. Additionally, we've started doing some of the early work required on Tobikage and a special project aimed for late-summer release, all of which is sapping us of our limited manpower.

Episode 8 has already been completed, and will come out as planned on 23 April, and will also be unfortuantely leaving everyone off with a cliffhanger. Episodes 9+ will be out as soon as we can maneuver everything again.

Thank you for your patience, The Crew.



#Anime-Classic Website Launches!

Exedore April 17,2004 : Hey there, this is exedore welcoming you to our site. We're still getting a few things together, but we hope that you can keep coming back for updates on your favourite oldskool robots!



Test post

The__B April 12, 2004 : This is my first test post on the temp Anime-Classic site, I just wanted to tell that the webmaster is a great guy and Kyoji sucks ^^



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